Cancellation & Refunds

Unfortunately, cancellations and rescheduling are sometimes unavoidable. We try to keep your best interest in mind when weighing the decision to cancel a trip. We will do the best we can to reschedule or postpone your trip in an appropriate manner according to the circumstances.

Weather Cancellations

Sometimes the weather gets the best of us. It can cause unsafe conditions or simply hamper the Captain’s efforts to put you on the fish . When this happens we offer a full refund of your deposit or try to reschedule you for a better day. A little rain is not necessarily a deal breaker, as they can sometimes be avoided. The decision to cancel based on weather is solely at the discretion of the Captain and is usually made with your input in mind. We don’t want to force you to go if you are not comfortable.

Mechanical Issues

Just like weather, boats sometimes experience mechanical issues that prevent them from completing a trip. When this happens we will work our hardest to put you on another boat, reschedule for a different time, or offer you a full refund of your deposit.

Customer Cancellations

When you book a charter, you are given a guaranteed appointment that belongs to you, when others call to book the same slot, they are put on different boats and sometimes turned away due to availability and scheduling conflicts. This means that if you cancel a trip, the boat may not be able to fill that spot again meaning that they’ve turned others away to keep your slot. WIth that being said, we understand that you may have issues arise and will work our hardest to reach the best possible outcome for you, but deposits may not be refundable. We will try to fill your slot, but if we’re not successful, it is solely at the Captain’s discretion as to whether or not a deposit is refunded.

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