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Properly Storing And Freezing Your Fishing Charter Catch After Your Trip

Updated: Mar 17

Properly storing and freezing fish that were caught on a charter fishing trip in Destin, Florida is important to ensure that the fish remain fresh and safe for consumption. Here are some steps to follow:

Clean the fish: Once you have caught the fish, clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt, scales, and guts. Rinse the fish under cold running water and pat it dry with paper towels.

Package the fish: Wrap the fish tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Make sure that there are no air pockets around the fish, as this can cause freezer burn. Alternatively, you can place the fish in a plastic freezer bag and squeeze out all the air before sealing it.

Label and date the package: Write the name of the fish and the date it was caught on the package. This will help you keep track of how long the fish has been in the freezer.

Freeze the fish: Place the wrapped fish in the coldest part of your freezer, which is typically the back. If you have a vacuum sealer, use it to remove as much air as possible before freezing.

Thaw the fish properly: When you are ready to eat the fish, thaw it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Do not thaw the fish at room temperature or in warm water, as this can cause the fish to spoil.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your fish remains fresh and safe for consumption for a longer period of time.

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