The Red Snapper, A Destin Icon

Red Snapper

Chances are if you've been to Destin, Florida then you've seen big beautiful red snappers hanging from nails down on the docks in Destin, Florida and local artist's portrayals of these iconic and highly sought after game-fish. There's nothing like a freshly prepared red snapper dinner, especially if you've taken the opportunity to fight it, catch it on a deep sea fishing charter boat in Destin and bring it to one of our popular restaurants to cook prepare yourself.

Even though this beautiful ruby red fish has reached iconic stature and considered a staple in local fishing culture, the window to recreation ally fish for red snapper is pretty small. Due to it's high demand, the Red Snapper and other reef dwelling fish have been placed in a category that limits our ability to harvest them every year. The powers that be are constantly trying to balance the needs of the fishery and our local recreational and commercial fisherman. There have been numerous meetings discussing how the fishery will be managed. Many suggestions are being considered to make it work for everyone involved with the red snapper's well being the top priority.

We all know forbidden fruit is always sweeter, so when the season opens, it's off to the races. With phone lines lighting up at Destin fishing charter booking booths and droves of people hoping to get a chance to catch them, sadly many will be left at the dock. There's just not enough hours in the day or boats in Destin Harbor for everyone to go. So, if you get a chance, any chance to jump on a red snapper bottom fishing trip while your're in Destin Florida, it would behoove you to take it fast. The season for red snapper has yet to be etched in stone, for the most current and up to date information, you can refer to the Florida Wildlife Commission's website for the most current and up to date information.

Florida Wildlife Commission's Red Snapper Regulations & Info:


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