Common Questions People Ask When Booking A Charter Fishing Trip In Destin

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You've come a long way to get to one of the best family vacation spots in the world, Destin Florida. Along with your trips to our beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and laid back atmosphere, no trip here is complete without a quality and action packed Destin Fishing Charter. There's a lot to consider while selecting the type of trip you want to go on, so we made it easy for you with our guide to booking the perfect charter fishing trip in Destin. We're going to break it down from Booking to Hooking then Cooking for you.

How much does a good fishing charter in Destin cost?

Charter Fishing Boats in Destin all run off a basic hourly rate that ranges from $150 to $200 per hour, which allows up to 6 Passengers. For groups with more than 6 passengers, 10% of the hourly rate is added for each extra person above 6. This will increase the total trip cost, but reduces the individual per person fare when it is split up among the total passengers, especially so for groups with more than 6 passengers.

Generally speaking, a group of 6 people could go on a quality 6 hour deep sea fishing charter for around $1100 to $2000 Bucks, which brakes down to about $185 to $200 bucks per person

Bay and inshore fishing trips are usually cheaper and require less travel time than deep sea fishing trips. A total of 4 people can take a 4 hour bay/inshore fishing charter for around $600, which breaks down to about $150 per person.

Keep in mind that not all charter fishing boats in Destin charge the same hourly rate. They do very, but a higher price does not necessarily mean you'll have a better experience or catch more fish.

How much should I tip the crew?

Tipping your fishing charter crew is customary, but optional, just like in restaurants where you're served by a waitress or waiter. Deck Hands typically get anywhere from 15% to 20%, depending on the service. Just like you would tip based on experience while you're out to eat, the same should apply to your charter fishing trip. Some guests choose to tip the Captain separately, but a flat percentage to "the boat" is most common.

How do I get my fish cleaned?

Every charter fishing boat in Destin will usually offer to clean what you've caught for free. It's kind of built into the gratuity for the crew.

How long of a trip should I book?

Different species of fish require differing amounts of travel time. Booking your trip according to what you're looking for is important when selecting. If you're looking to completely slay some bottom fish like Groupers or Amberjack, you'll need at lest 8 hours to have a good shot, anything less may not produce a full rack like you'd see on a 10-12 hour. There are exceptions, for example when the seas are calmer, it allows the Captain to get out to his spots a bit faster, while rougher seas may slow progress down a bit. When in doubt, you can always call to find out what your best option will be. You can use the info below to give you a better idea of what to expect

Bottom Fishing

Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper Triggerfish, 6-10 hour

Grouper& Amberjack 8-10 hour


King Mackerel & Bonita 4- 6 hour

Bay Fishing

Bay fishing can be more temperamental than bay fishing charters. Moon phase, tide, water temp, and recent precipitation can influence fish's appetite in Choctawhachee bay.

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing charters run from 4 hours to all day depending on what type of experience you're looking for. Night shark fishing is also sometimes available, but not necessarily better.

Why do I have to put down a deposit?

Deposits are taken to formally reserve your slot for that time and day. When you book a charter fishing trip for a specific day and time, all other people requesting that day will be turned away or put onto different boats. If you unexpectedly cancel your trip last minute, the boat may not be able to fill that spot before the time comes, resulting in a loss for that day.

What happens if my trip is cancelled?

Weather Cancellations

Sometimes the weather gets the best of us. It can cause unsafe conditions or simply hamper the Captain’s efforts to put you on the fish . When this happens They'll usually offer a full refund of your deposit or try to reschedule you for a better day. A little rain is not necessarily a deal breaker, as they can sometimes be avoided. The decision to cancel based on weather is solely at the discretion of the Captain and is usually made with your input in mind. They don’t want to force you to go if you are not comfortable.

Mechanical Cancellations

Just like weather, boats sometimes experience mechanical issues that prevent them from completing a trip. When this happens they'll will work their hardest to put you on another boat, reschedule for a different time, or offer you a full refund of your deposit

Customer Cancellations

When you book a charter, you are given a guaranteed appointment that belongs to you, when others call to book the same slot, they are put on different boats and sometimes turned away due to availability and scheduling conflicts. This means that if you cancel a trip, the boat may not be able to fill that spot again meaning that they’ve turned others away to keep your slot. WIth that being said, they understand that you may have issues arise and will work their hardest to reach the best possible outcome for you, but deposits may not be refundable. We will try to fill your slot, but if we’re not successful, it is solely at the Captain’s discretion as to whether or not a deposit is refunded.

If you're interested in booking a charter or have questions not already asked and answered here, please feel free to call Destin Fishing Company, we'll help you any way we can and get you from wondering to knowing.

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