Grey Triggerfish

There are roughly 40 different types of triggerfish found all over the world, but the most common occurrence here in Destin's coastal waters is the Gray Triggerfish. The triggerfish's name comes from its ability to lock itself in place in reefs and other structures using it's strong dorsal fin locking mechanism.

Triggerfish are bottom dwelling fish found around structures like reefs and old wrecks. Their strange long blunt teeth are used to eat crabs and sea urchins, but can be caught using squid and other dead bait on a deep sea fishing charter.

Triggerfish are considered loners, but will often meet at mating grounds during certain times of the year. The males establish territories on these grounds by creating spawning nests on the sea floor. Females will force fresh oxygenated water on and through their eggs to keep them supplied with oxygen.

With it's firm & sweet white flesh the are considered an excellent fish to fry, bake and pan fry. Local restaurants in Dentin usually have fresh triggerfish in stock, but there's nothing like the gulf to plate experience of catching it yourself on a Destin charter fishing trip and having it prepared at one of the many "you hook, we cook" restaurants on the harbor. However, according to the Florida Wildlife Commission, the recreational gray triggerfish season is set to be closed through the end of 2007 to ensure that these interesting fish have a chance bounce back and avoid being over-fished. As always, be sure to check the current regulations on the Florida Wildlife Commission's website.

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